Time Crisis 3 Review

Player movement is restricted and the game is very linear. In fact, the only movement you can make is to move out from behind rocks. But jumping behind rocks is good – that is how you reload.

The game is also very forgiving. While each stage is scored, if you are killed, you can simply continue the stage – to a point. Too many deaths and you begin anew.

The control elements are simplistic, but still take time to get control of. The two thumbsticks control targeting and the X button will shoot in conjunction with the R1 button – which allows you to duck out from behind your cover.

The sound elements consist mostly of loud guns, explosions, though the musical underscore and the vocal acting is very good. Graphically, this game is also solid to look at. The game employs the rag-doll effect and those you hit are staggered or knocked down by the force of impact. The environment can also be interactive. Hit the right tank and the explosion will wipe out your opponents.

This is not a game that requires a lot of thought. This is a game that will drag players through the world and give them a variety of targets. The cutscenes are merely precursors to the action, which is the focal point of the game. Ok, there’s a story. What’s it have to do with the game play? Not much, but it does give you a reason for racking up so many kills.

Time Crisis 3 is a fast-paced action arcade shooter that looks terrific and is fun to play. That the game is not overly immersive is incidental. While mostly a reflexive game, this title is quite fun to play.

Gameplay: 7.5

Linear, linear, linear – but action, action, action. The game will move you to the various locations you have to shoot from, so no thinking allowed. All you have to do is duck to avoid taking too much damage, reload, then peek out and fire away.

Graphics: 9

This game looks very good. The special effects are well done.

Sound: 8.5

This is a solid adjunct to the graphical elements. The game has a musical score that mirrors the action, the vocal work is excellent for the style of game and the effects – gun fire, ricochets and explosions – are well done.

Difficulty: Easy

Yes, lots of targets, and lots of ducking, but because of the way the game is set up, this can be an easy game to work through.

Concept: 7.2

Well, not too much here that will set the industry on its ear aside from the sterling graphical quality.

Multiplayer: 8

Two-player cooperative gaming is fun.

Overall: 8.6

This is not a game that requires much thought. Nor is this a game that requires you to work hard to use cover and move through a hostile environment. This is a reflexive action game that is big on action, in a target-rich environment. If you are looking for a shooter that won’t require you to do much more than target and shoot, this is the game for you. If you are looking for that same style but one that tantalizes the eyes with exceptional graphics, then pick up this game in a hurry.

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