The Guy Game Review

The Guy Game, at its very core, is a trivia game. Questions are asked, points are awarded to the players that answered correctly, and the player with the most points at the end wins. The twist is the drinking game that is woven into the gameplay as well as the topless girls.

Gameplay: 7.4

The trivia questions are taken from many different subjects, and the difficulty increases as you progress through the episode. Each episode has its own set of questions, so with 20 episodes you have quite a bit of gameplay. The Ballz games are also surprisingly fun.  

Graphics: 8

It’s kind of hard to rate a game that is made up mostly of video, but the video quality is really good. The menus are also crisp, colorful, and easy to read.

Sound: 4

The soundtrack is made up of a handful of songs that are about 20 seconds long and looped over and over. Most of the dialogue in the game is created by drunken Spring Breakers, and the rest is made up of the two unfunny commentators. It’s not all bad since some of the jokes are bound to make you laugh a little, but the majority of them are really stupid.

Difficulty: Easy

Since this game was geared toward college students for the most part, you’ll find that the questions aren’t too tough. If you happen to fail an episode, it’s easy to return to that episode and remember the correct answers from the last play through.

Concept: 5

A trivia game based on a drinking game isn’t a bad idea, and while you’re at it why not throw in naked girls, right? Trivia games are nothing new, and I can understand trying to spice up the genre a bit (it’s not the most exciting to begin with), but it all feels so tasteless. I have to give Topheavy Studios and Gathering some credit for creating a trivia game that truly rewards the player, though.

Multiplayer: 7

If you don’t have someone to play this with don’t even bother. The structure of The Guy Game resembles that of a board game in a way, and playing a board game alone is really boring. Well, playing The Guy Game by yourself is really boring too.

Overall: 5.8

A random guy from a behind the scenes video says right to the camera, “This game’s going to be better than Grand Theft Auto.” Sorry, dude, you were wrong. The Guy Game isn’t absolutely terrible; it just has an extremely limited audience. The trivia part of the game is pretty fun, the Ballz games are simple but competitive, and the drinking games are well integrated. The boobs are an added bonus, and nice to see, but if all you want is the boobs don’t buy this game – if you’re old enough to buy this game, you’re old enough to buy pornography. If you’re looking for a fun party game to play with a bunch of horny guys this is a good choice.

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