Samurai Warriors Review

Once a company finds a successful game formula, you will see them duplicate it in several sequels. In each of these sequels, the developer’s make sure that they improve the game to be the best that it can be. We have seen this in sports games, RPG’s, and hack and slash games. Every so often the developers want to throw players for a loop and mix up their gameplay drastically. Sometimes it is for the best and other times it ruins the franchise.

Gameplay: 9.1

Anyone who has played any game in the Dynasty Warriors franchise will be instantly familiar with the gameplay mechanics. After choosing which character, players go into war against a myriad of enemies standing between you and your goal. The controls are really fluid and game is really solid.

Graphics: 8.5

There are so many things going on during one game it is amazing. There are literally hundreds of allies and enemies on the screen doing battle at once. All of the characters have a decent polygonal count, and the entire game has great textures. The character animations are really fluid and never seem choppy. The only thing bad about the graphics department is the camera can become a hassle especially when players are deep into combat and locked up against a wall.

Sound: 8.6

It is amazing that the developers left in the option to listen to both the English and Japanese dialog. All developers should include this option in all their games, especially since storage issues is something of the past, with the new media available nowadays.

Difficulty: Medium

The AI in this game is better than its predecessors, and that is always a good thing. Each game in the series, the enemy AI gets better and better and gives players more of a realistic challenge.

Concept: 8.4

I am very glad that the developers decided to change several things in this game. Being set in another part of the world really helps give the game a little fresh twist. To go along with this change in scenery there is also a few new gameplay additions that prove that KOEI is one of the masters at creating hack and slash games like this.

Multiplayer: 8.9

Nothing is more exciting than being able to play with a friend to beat a common enemy. The AI in this game is really good, but it is nothing in comparison to what another human can do when your playing with or against them. This along helps give this game, even more, replay value.

Overall: 8.7

Samurai Warriors gives players plenty of action, fighting, and even slight RPG elements, that will keep you entertained for hours on end. This game is not to be missed!

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