EyeToy Review

Whenever gamers think of things that have been dubbed as revolutionary, a couple of inventions come to mind for me personally. For starters, the Super Game Boy was one of my all-time favorites, since I could play my Game Boy games on the bigger TV screen. Also, who can forget things like the mouse/keyboard combo for the Dreamcast or the failed (but nifty) Virtual Boy back in the 80’s? Well, Sony is looking to add another chapter to the whole “revolutionary” idea with gamers with their release of the Eye Toy… part digital camera, part game collection, 100% fun.

Similar to the Dance Dance Revolution pads or the UKB fighting arena, the Eye Toy uses your body to actually play the games instead of the standard controller. There are 12 different games to play in all, and you will find yourself quickly getting addicted and getting a pretty decent workout as you do such things as rapidly spin plates, catch and explode fireworks, or play a “simon says” style game trying to match up various dance floor lights to the beat of disco music. There is also a “playroom” option which just lets you goof around in different ways, and you will start amusing yourself as you run away from bees or spiders, try to catch fish, or bounce balloons all over the screen amongst dropping confetti.

Gameplay: 9.4
The biggest thing I was concerned about here was obviously how well the camera worked. Well, the camera is almost 100% effective all the time, and I really can’t remember when I had a problem with it except when I had to adjust the light settings due to the sun going down. The games are an absolute blast to play, and the options to video message or just goof around and have fun waving away snowflakes or popping floating bubbles makes it appropriate for just about any gaming mood you happen to be in.

Graphics: 9.1
While much simpler than a lot of other games out, they are detailed and colorful enough to do what they need to do. Gamers younger and older will no doubt smile and have a good time seeing themselves as the star of their own game, and the added additions of flying enemies and whatnot as you wave your arms around were really good.

Sound: 8.9
The voiceovers can be a bit repetitive, but you won’t really mind too much since you will be wrapped up in playing. The music tracks were pretty neat, and all of them catchy, and I found myself humming quite a few of them as I managed to wrench myself away and find something else to do.

Difficulty: Easy
There are three different difficulty settings that you can choose from to challenge any player, and the games are easy to figure out without tutorials or the instruction manual.

Concept: 9.5
Not only is the camera good quality, but the fact that it is as accurate as it is really did amaze me. The games are also a heck of a lot of fun to play, and once you get started it’s hard to put it down.

Multiplayer: 9.4
There are a couple of different ways to play with buddies. You can have up to four players playing, and you also have the option of playing as a team or against one another in player 1 – player 2 fashion. It’s also a blast try and mess up your opponent by doing such nice things as sticking your hand in the screen to mess them up and whatnot.

Overall: 9.5
Yes it’s a camera, and it’s packaged with some really addicting games that put you in the role of the main character. The whole idea itself was not only neat, but it was amazingly well executed and is not only fun … but extremely addicting as well. It’s difficult sometimes to find games that are fun for everyone in the family, from 4 to 44, but Eye Toy is a safe and enjoyable bet for your $50.00 without question.

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