Endgame Review

Endgame does have a few features which makes it worthwhile for light-gun fanatics. The environment is destructible, most noticeably in Jade’s apartment where pots and pans fly off counters, glasses shatter, and paintings tumble. Players can even occasionally be creative and shoot combustible materials such as explosive barrels to kill bad guys. But with such a short amount of time to complete each stage, casually popping bullets around the environment is hardly an option. No game should be without body-specific shots, and Endgame does a decent job with this. Shooting an enemy in the leg will send him hopping around before falling, and a headshot will drop baddies like sacks of potatoes. Nothing like a groin shot to send a message to your enemies.

The game’s AI has some surprises in store for players. The individual enemies are dumb as posts, appearing from their cover in predictable patterns, but the game AI will send more enemies at you if you start shooting like Rambo, and lighten the load if you shoot more like Dumbo. The increase in enemies is called Hypermode, and the longer you can stay in Hypermode, the more life you will regenerate. Endgame’s mini-game option is creatively introduced, but not as fun as Time Crisis 2’s add-ons. The game begins with Jade ready to settle down for a night of playing her favorite video game, Mighty Joe Jupiter. Players can opt to play Mighty Joe Jupiter from the start menu and go through a course of five short levels or ten training sessions, all taking place within the depths of space. This time, little green Martians are the enemy, but the gameplay is virtually identical to the main game.

Gameplay: 5

Nothing new here.  Lots and lots of shooting and ducking.  The enemies come at you harder than the IRS, but the entire game is basically the same thing over and over.

Graphics: 7

The environments look good, but the cutscenes leave a lot to be desired.

Sound: 5

Basically just a lot of “Bang!”s, but the Dolby 5.1 option scores some major direct hits.

Difficulty: Hard

The game isn’t too hard, but losing all your lives sends you all the way back to the beginning.  No saving. Ouch!

Concept: 4

Saving the world is nothing new, and neither is the light-gun genre.  But incorporating Jade’s favorite video game as the mini-gun is a brilliant idea.

Multiplayer: 6

Playing with two guns is an option that doesn’t exactly fit the story, but it is fun.  Navigating the menus to find two-player is almost harder than the game itself.

Overall: 5

Fans of light-gunners won’t find all the bells and whistles in Time Crisis 2, but they will find a game that is thankfully much longer than TC2 with just as much action.

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