Disaster Report Review

Disaster Report will rat your mind more than your fingers as you try to solve each problem and make it out of the city alive. And when you think you’ve finally begun to get the hang of the game, you’ll find out that some of the disasters are unavoidable! Unavoidable disasters are not deadly (unless you make a mistake), but they are harmful, and will quickly deplete your health meter.

Gameplay: 7.9

Gamers looking for something new and unique to play can stop searching this February when Disaster Report lands on store shelves. The gameplay, which needs a smart brain more than it does faster fingers, makes Disaster Report a fun title that’ll keep you hooked from start to finish.

Graphics: 6.9

Awesome cinematic effects and cool camera angles just aren’t enough to make Disaster Report’s graphics shine as brightly as its gameplay.

Sound: 6

Surprisingly, there isn’t much sound in this game. Music is rarely heard, mainly because the developers wanted to make the impact of a car falling into the water sound all the more shocking. The voice-overs are annoying and repetitive though.

Difficulty: Medium

Prepare to use your brain more than anything else while playing Disaster Report. It’ll take a lot of thinking (and exploring) to solve some of these difficult puzzles.

Concept: 8

Disaster Report’s concept is simple: when disaster strikes a busy city, it’s up to you to save a few lives, as well as your own. Watching the city crumble in real-time is really cool, especially since nearly every action you make has the potential to cause even more destruction. Ever wanted to be a part of a disaster movie? If so, this is the closest you’ll get to participate in an earthquake (without actually being in one, which is something no one wants to experience).

Overall: 7.9

A disaster, this is not. Yes, there are disasters in this game. But Disaster Report’s gameplay is free of any severely damaging storms. It’s slower and requires more use of the brain than most of the games out there, so it’s definitely not for every PlayStation 2 owner out there. However, it is a lot of fun, it is very addictive and will surprise you more than you’d expect. Be sure to check it out when it’s released next month.

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