Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Review

Imagine a delicious world filled with chocolaty treats. It’s a world where every location is an organic, living, breathing environment that grows candy as if it were a fruit or a vegetable. “Junk food doesn’t grow on trees,” they say. But in this world all that you know has been replaced by all that you dream. If you could visit this world, pick gumballs off trees and scoop fresh candy off the ground, Willy knows you’d never want to leave. It is his factory, after all. Willy Wonka’s factory. And today he’s going to let you come inside for a visit, Golden Ticket in hand or not!

Gameplay: 4.0

Nothing to it. You don’t get to fight larges bosses, solve mind-boggling puzzles, or search for hard-to-find items that have a purpose. You don’t get to do any of the things that make an action/adventure game an action/adventure game. Your sole purpose for playing is to more or less relive the experience of the movie, only this time you’re forced to complete boring objectives that were not a part of the original story.

Graphics: 6.0

Willy Wonka’s world is appetizing, though not as delish as the eye candy presented in the film. The environments are bright, colorful and mimic film’s worlds well. They don’t, however, have the best animation, the most realistic character designs, or an accurate polygon depiction of Willy Wonka.

Sound: 9.0

Spellbinding music from God of War composer Winifred Phillips. Her choral creations are as complex as they are entertaining. Players of all ages will be delighted by its deep yet whimsical presentation, filling ears with soothing sounds not commonly heard in movie-based games. Expertly written, brilliantly composed.

Difficulty: Easy

Did I say easy? I meant SUPER easy.

Concept: 3.0

What a waste of a good license. Zero original ideas demonstrated. Zero original content. Zero anything! It’s barely a game. Only the youngest, most devoted Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans will get something out of it. But at some point in their life even they will get bored.

Overall: 5.0

Charlie and the Boring Factory. It’s hard to make a fun game based around these kinds of properties, but that doesn’t justify bad gameplay, or a lack thereof.

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