Bloody Roar 4 Review

The Bloody Roar series has been out since 1997, and it has always fascinated me. I liked the fact that while you are in the middle of a battle you could morph to a more powerful creature and it could help turn the tide of the battle. The problem with the series is that it was never deep in the game-play department. The previous games always became the fighting games that you gave your younger siblings to play so they could get down the basic mechanics and than transfer them to one of the “big boys” of the fighting genre. Has Bloody Roar 4 changed all of that? Read on to find out.

his game offers several different modes of play: Arcade, Time Attack, Training, Sparring, Com, Survival, Verses, and Career Mode. Arcade mode is the time-tested mode which is one-on-one fighting that is usually a single players verse a computer. Players advance till they get to the boss of the game and then attempt to beat them. Time Attack is where players see how long it will take them to beat the game. Training mode is where players get a better understanding of the gameplay mechanics for this game. Sparring mode is when the players battles against the computer for an unlimited amount of rounds. Com mode is where players can watch a battle between two computer opponents; this mode is really helpful when players want to see how the AI strings together combos.

Gameplay: 6.0

If you love to button mash, than this is the game for you! There is no strategy involved in this game; all you have to do is morph to beast mode than hit the “beast button” over and over again.

Graphics: 7.0

The graphics are not the best looking (nor the worse) in this genre. Why this portion gets high marks is due to the great animations and constant frame rate this game has.

Sound: 4.0

I have never laughed so hard at the dialog in a game before. This is just a horrendous job, with all of the looooong awkward pauses. The music is sub par and can get annoying quick.

Difficulty: Easy

This game really won’t challenge you in any way, all you have to do is just mash down on the buttons to win. Anytime you come up with any sort of strategy the AI will get so cheap that the only way to defend yourself and win is to be cheap back.

Concept: 6.2

This game has a really good premise, but there is a lot missing. With the recent releases of Tekken 4, Virtua Fighter 4, Soul Caliber 2; Bloody Roar 4 just can’t compete. The Career mode is nice, but it needs to be expanded upon and the game just needs to take it to the next level, or it will never be able to compete with the big boys.

Multiplayer: 6.1

No fighting game can omit Versus mode, or else it can’t be considered a good one. The versus mode is great, but the whole “button masher” theme that Bloody Roar has going on ruins the experience.

Overall: 6.0

This series has great potential, but it is ruined by the developers by not making it deeper. On the other hand, if you love to button mash, this is the game for you!

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