Top 5 Free GoNoodle Alternatives For A Wunderkind

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GoNoodle is an educational mobile app that teaches children a lot of useful and fun stuff. It includes rhythm-based activity, dancing, simple yoga, fine motor skill exercises, introduction to foreign languages and so on. However, there are some other amazing apps like GoNoodle, which you and your children cannot miss. Our Top 5 free GoNoodle Alternatives will tell you more!

1. ABCmouse — Professor Mouse

Free for 30 days

ABCmouse app screen

ABCmouse is a great app for introducing a preschooler to such subjects as math, reading, art & music, science, and nature studies. Apart from theoretical knowledge and basic concepts explained in a simple language, there's a ton of fun stuff to do.

Your child can embark on a journey and adventures through the virtual zoo, fairs, carnivals. In turn, it will extend their erudition, vocabulary, understanding of social interaction, and etiquette. The app is popular among both junior schools and kindergartens. As a nice little bonus, your kid can create a custom avatar, based on their personality and even have pets.
ABCmouse will be your little explorer's mentor and friend.

2. Tappity — Science Can be Fun!


Tappity app screen

Science is an infinite and captivating world to explore. And that's what Tappity is all about. Together with Haley the Science Gal, your child can select a science world to learn about: Physics, Chemistry, Universe & Rocket Science, Biology and so forth.
Your little Einstein will learn why volcanoes erupt, how magnets work, why we never fall off the Earth into outer space and so on. Continents, the Moon and Mars, earthquakes, animal classification, plant life, prehistoric beasts — Tappity's knowledge database is truly impressive. Additionally, the app has a safe mode to guard your baby from pop-up ads and inappropriate content.
Tappity is one of the best science apps for kids with its illustrative stories, experiments, and erudition-developing pop quizzes.

3. Curious World — Thinking Outside the Box


Curious World app screen

Curious World is one of the best GoNoodle alternatives. The reason is that it doesn't just teach your child to crunch numbers or put letters together to turn them into words. No, it's more about creative thinking, problem solving and mental flexibility.

Put in the bright, cartoonish form, the app and its playful monkey assistant introduce the preschooler to:

  • Intriguing stories;
  • Enjoyable tutorials;
  • Puzzles that demand creative approach;
  • Foreign languages learned through rhymes and songs.

Half game, hall thought-provoking app, Curious World will let your kid build the basis for both logical and irrational thinking, enrich the vocabulary and enlarge common knowledge. Not any worse than GoNoodle brain breaks. Its content is permanently growing and gets strictly monitored by the app's team. It's perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.
Curious World will teach your baby vital skills and show that the world is full of miracles.

4. ClassDojo — Virtual Classroom With Monsters

Free with extra in-app purchases

ClassDojo app banner

ClassDojo takes teacher-parents-kids communication to the next level. Via ClassDojo it's easy to capture and share any memorable moment from the kids' school-life:

  • Prom;
  • Talent show;
  • Basketball game;
  • Trip to the Smithsonian Museum, etc.

The app has a unique reward system that allows to avoid undermining student's self-esteem that traditional A's and F's can do sometimes. Instead, a teacher leaves comments with praise or recommends to improve certain stats: Team Work, Creativity, Home Work, Discipline, etc.

Teachers and parents can stay in touch basically all the time. This way, students' academic achievement, behavior, etc. can be monitored much easier. Besides, the app is a perfect tool to spread important announcements among parents and share highlights from the school's everyday life with them.

Each kid is represented as a whacky monster in the app. As a free bonus, there are free templates for calendars, schedules, diplomas, and awards that can be printed right from the app.

ClassDojo is a great tool to monitor your kid's success at school and liven up the classroom routine.

5. Epic! — Digital Library for Children

Free for 30 days

Epic! app screen

Epic! has been known as Netflix for kids for quite a while. It contains an extensive catalogue of videos and e-books for children of all ages. Here you'll find something to entertain a toddler that knows only a few words or a 2d grader.

Literature section contains such famous titles as:

  • Goodnight Moon;
  • Batman series;
  • Flat Stanley;
  • The Chronicles of Narnia and many others.

Video section mostly offers educational materials produced by the likes of National Geographic. Additionally, there are books written in other languages, namely Spanish. So, in case you want your child to be a bilingual polyglot, Epic! can be a good helper in achieving that.

Get a key to the treasury of children's books with Epic!

Knowledge is Power

Hopefully, our Top 5 apps like GoNoodle will contribute to your child’s intellectual development. Each one of them has its fantastic perks. But don’t forget that getting knowledge and skills cannot be minimized to just playing with one of these apps on a gadget. Real world is the best teacher of them all.

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