TOP-5 Best Music Apps for Kids of Different Ages

TOP-5 Best Music Apps for Kids of Different Ages  on Marjupi Top Blog

There are a lot of scientific surveys that proved the positive music impact on people, especially on children. Music teaches us to express ourselves, improves communication skills, and just helps to relax or cheers up. These qualities are necessary for a child to grow as a person. Earlier, it was much harder to introduce children to music, today, due to various music theory apps for kids, you can do it in a few minutes. Here is the list of TOP-5 best music applications for children. 

Go Noodle: Get Your Kids Moving 

Go Noodle: Get Your Kids Moving screen

Go Noodle free studio is one of the most popular music apps for children. It is used, as the developers said, in 4 out of 5 US elementary schools. Incredible results, don’t you think? Go Noodle Dancing provides you with more than 300 videos of different genres, starting from stretching and songs to yoga and mindfulness. Moreover, the developers are continuing to add new materials to the base. Therefore, 14 million app users can discover a new video every week. Go Noodle for kids engages your child and motivates them to move more by doing various sports exercises. Also, you can consider the app from the teachers' or parents' perspectives. Go Noodle for teachers allows them to make the study process more effective and engaged. You can play the videos anywhere — all you need is just to be connected to the Internet. 

Chordana Play: Learn and Play Your Favorite Songs

Chordana Play: Learn and Play Your Favorite Songs screen

Cordana Play free app is designed for those who want to become a piano master. Although it has a pretty simple interface, the app suits more for middle schoolers. But that does not mean that the adults can’t use Chordana Play to improve their music skills. The title can connect to your musical device via USB. If you do not have a piano yet, you can use the in-built app’s keyboard to practice your playing. There is a library with 50 songs, but users can download MIDI files. Chordana Play shows the music score and piano roll notation for all types of files (that were initially included in the app or import MIDI files). It is a good practice tool to learn the piano faster. You can train your skills whenever you want: at home before going to bed, at transport while going to work, or in the cafe. 

PBS Kids Party: Invite Your Kids to a Party 

PBS Kids Party: Invite Your Kids to a Party screen

PBS Kids Party provides your children with a unique moving experience. Please note that the app is not recommended to be used alone. To leverage all the power, you need to have the Moff Band, the wearable bracelet for preschoolers. It relies on the movement to play sounds and games, and as a result, you can manage the app via a simple wave of your hand. But if you do not have the bracelet, do not worry, you can still touch, swipe, and tap through PBS Kids Party. There are four different sections: dancing, moving, swinging, and getting creative. All activities were designed to encourage your kid to move away from the phone and be more imaginative. 

Peg + Cat Big Gig: Learn Math Through the Music

Peg + Cat Big Gig screen

Another great app for 3-5 years old children from PBS Kids is Peg + Cat Big Gig. It trains not only the music skills of the children but also the mathematical, dancing, and even managing. This is possible due to the engaging story and attractive plot of the game. Firstly, you need to choose the character you want to play: Peg, the Pig, Tessa, Ramone, or Richard. Based on it, the kids are required to pick an instrument and play various songs. But that's not the end! During the playing, a toddler needs to perform different tasks, including those which train the preschool math skills. You can download the app for free on the Apple Store or Amazon App Store. 

Sing! By Smule: Help a Child to Become a Pop Star

Sing! By Smule screen

Sing! By Smule free is an excellent tool to practice the way you sing. The app contains the large base of the available songs but it doesn’t limit you to with this material only. The teenagers can make music and record their best performance with friends and fans from different parts of the world. You can sing a capella, duet with your favorite singers or people, or with a group. Also, there are a lot of video filters and audio effects. All the features are completely free of charge. Sing! By Smule is available to download on Google Play or Apple Music. 

Music App for Kids: Have You Decided on a Favorite?

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting apps to improve the music skills of children of different ages. Have you had already decided on a favorite music app for kids? What factors influence your choice? Share with us in the comments below.

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