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There are so many mobile applications for various purposes developed in particular for children of various ages. In this article, we would like to speak about the toddler apps and consider the ones compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Read the brief reviews and make your choice in accordance with your preferences and expectations of the software.

The choosing process can be complicated because kids aged from one to four years old are not able to read and face difficulties with focusing attention on one activity for a long time. Still, they need some help in the development of language and other skills, learning more about their surroundings even at this stage.

We’ll do our best to provide you with useful information allowing you to estimate the value of the app and decide on it.

Laugh & Learn: Shapes & Color

Laugh & Learn: Shapes & Color screenshot

It is an easy and useful task for your kid to create new shapes. The child should tap or tilt the screen, and as a result, he should hear the name of the color and shape. The application suggests a lot of fun with the keyboard allowing to play melodies of every shape and hue. Songs, sounds, and animation will definitely fascinate your kid. Perhaps, this game does not deliver a lot of features and abilities, but it is very engaging to play. In it, there are two levels of complicity for younger and older toddlers.

Colors and Shapes for Toddlers

Colors and Shapes for Toddlers screenshot

There is another game for kindergarten kids connected with shapes and colors. But here it is concentrated on building skills, meaning that you will get more complicated patterns. The educational game teaches a child about geometric shapes, all colors of the rainbow, words, and more. It makes kids enhance lexical resource, develop memory, logic, and abstract thinking.

Toddler Flashcards

Toddler Flashcards screenshot

Flashcards are very efficient in educational programs. This game allows parents to choose one from 13 dialects and helps a kid to learn names of food, animals, days of week, shapes, months, colors, letters, and even numbers. Flashcards are intuitive, but still, a kid may need some help at the beginning. Just start playing with it, using all categories which are available in the fullest collection if you pay for the advanced version.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids screenshot

This app is fun and educational at the same time. It suggests over 25 games which are played together with PBS Kids characters. Your kid will sort out objects, team up with animated characters, and more. The product is developed to suit a wide variety of interests and abilities of a toddler, but under sever control. If you view the video, you will see the kid-friendly content only.

Daily Vroom

Daily Vroom screenshot

The app is full of learning exercises which should be conducted regularly. Moreover, it suggests tips arranged in accordance with the child’s age. This simple software is able to turn usual objects and daily moments and events into brain building. You will like fun exercises which are arranged by circumstance, subject, time of day. It is possible to receive an everyday tip with explanations about what exactly a kid is learning with it. Vroom was made by a team of childhood experts, parents, scientists, and more. Even the Center on the Developing Child participated in the development. So, you can rely on it. 

Magic Kinder - Free Kids Games

Magic Kinder screenshot

The Magic Kinder app provides a fun and kid-friendly environment: it brings members of a family together, attracting them with a lot of diverse entertaining and educational challenges. There are various sections. The educational one stimulates logical and strategic thinking. The child will explore new lands discovering the planet. It is possible to view interactive stories with audio and textual content. This app guarantees joyful learning, peaceful mind, and warm communication. It is very convenient that there is a parental control with options allowing to set time limits and apply other needed restrictions.

Peek-a-Zoo by Duck Duck Moose

Peek-a-Zoo screenshot

Here your kid finds a group of various cartoon colorful characters united into teams and learning to understand their emotions and behaviors. The player should recognize which creatures are showing certain conduct or attribute. The game is very easy to play. On the screen, there are creatures, then the question about one of them appears. Usually, it concerns emotions, looks, actions, activities. A toddler should find the right answer among those beings tapping on any from the table.

Music Sparkles

Music Sparkles screenshot

This is a unique melodic tool which can be used by toddlers to learn how to play various instruments. Here you will find a couple of instruments known as drum pack and xylophone absolutely for free, but if you want to unlock guitar, saxophone, organ, violin, and a lot of others, you should pay. The app helps to introduce various melodic instruments with realistic sounds to a little player. You can count on a free trial.

Agnitus – Games For Learning

Agnitus screenshot

This is a very fun set of activity games to develop maths and language skills. There are plenty of free titles and activities. Kids are suggested to count, trace, and recognize letters. It is allowed to decide where to start, and then, all games will be randomly suggested. You can stop that flow by clicking a correspondent button. As a player progresses, the challenges and tasks become more complicated. Kids will have to collect stars when playing. And there is a perfect option of parental control in the form of detailed progress reports which show the toddler player results, their strong and weak points, and opportunities for growth.

Toddler’s Paradise

As you see, there are so many games for kids which allow them to learn and play at the same time. Your children will be busy all day long playing these games, that is why it is vital to restrict the time and check out their activities. You will hardly face any problems with navigation and explanation of the app because modern kids start using mobile devices when they are almost 2 years old.

If this article seems interesting to you, please let us know. Leave your comments below and share the list of the best apps for toddlers with other parents, discuss the products, and choose the appropriate one to start with.

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