Smart Apps to Improve Parent-Teacher Communication

Smart Apps to Improve Parent-Teacher Communication on Marjupi Top Blog

Among forgotten emails, unexpected phone calls, and stressful meetings, parent-teacher communication seems anything except productive. A two-way street: parent-teacher interactions should be collaborative ideally, but for some reason that does not happen in most cases. Even well-intentioned kids forget to pass on messages to their parents, such as informing them about a payment for a class trip by designated dates to secure the spot. Schools might be looking for a teacher app to timely inform parents about their kids’ achievements, health issues, behavioral problems and more. Thanks to these smart school communication apps now active, practical, and instant engagements between students, teachers, and parents are possible. Check out these ten awesome apps for schools to communicate with parents that power-up regular interaction.

Ten Teacher Apps Making Communication Easier

These Parent-teacher communication apps come in handy in many situations and help the parties keeping each other in a loop without abrupt phone calls and letters.


ClassDojo app screenshots

ClassDojo is a great free tool for classrooms that tracks students’ behavior and manages parents’ contacts and communication. The handy ClassDojo for students offers freedom in maintaining contact with parents and keeps them informed through constant updates and messaging. It is also an amazing classroom management platform for tutors. They can use ClassDojo games as a positive learning environment to teach valuable skills to students and support their growth through goal-setting, performance report, and celebration.


Remind app screenshots

Remind is a free app for teachers that offers an easy and safe way to interact with students and parents to keep them updated from outside of classrooms. Tutors can use this app to send assignments, reminders, homework, and messages directly. Messages and reminders can be sent to a single student, a group or an entire classroom. Communication is pretty safe as the contact numbers are kept private with no option to reply back for texts.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom app screenshots

If you are wondering what is Google Classroom and whether it is just another app for school communication? Consider it as a Learning Management System to help manage workflow and communication between instructors and students. It is available for both iOS, Android and web platforms. Parents can also access the google classroom app, and teachers can send them email summaries and update them about their kids’ progress in the classroom.

School Messenger

School Messenger app screenshots

It is available in both free and paid versions and encourages communication among busy parents, teachers and kids. It's easy-to-read inbox captures all notifications via a scrollable list. School can enable two-way communication top to enable message replies. With easy notification navigation, you may find it difficult having to go back again and click on the next message to read as it currently does not offer any choice to go to the next message directly. Schools are required to download the School Messenger Admin sender app to send broadcast messages.


Bloomz app screenshots

Bloomz is a great communication app offering two-way replies, schedules integration, classroom updates and more that make it a one-stop multi-tool. This free full featured communication platform offers many options and functionalities such as reporting and behavior management making it simple and effective. Teachers can also use this app to organize activities like conferences or communicate news between school and home.


Appletree app screenshots

This free delightful app keeps tutors and parents in sync, and helps children succeed in their classes. With no character limits on announcements, teachers can quickly update parents about happenings, events, or issues in classrooms and send pictures of their kids. The app also lets you print out calendars as proof of interaction.


Edmodo app screenshots

Edmodo is a versatile social learning platform that fosters parents’ engagement, and enhances discussion between students and their peers. It makes tutor’s life easier by offering a safe way to upload and share files, secure classroom activity, tasks/assignments posting, results tracking—all these features make it a great platform for free communication anytime and anywhere.

Campus Suite

Campus Suite app screenshots

Campus Suite is a cloud-based tool designed for schools, colleges, etc. to help manage the digital channel’s interactions from a single platform. Parents can easily access any information regarding their children’s progress. Tutors can quickly send out announcements and updates on assignments, and activity organizers or trainers can keep team members informed with this bundles school app.


SchoolCircle app screenshots

This wonderful app simplifies communication between parents and tutors and ensures all interactions happen at one place—a dashboard for all parties. Parents also receive regular updates via emails and keep track of tasks. The app unifies teachers and parents as a team that is confident that they’re doing their best to enhance their kids’ performance.


TalkingPoints app screenshots

TalkingPoints is an easy to use texting tool that supports school to home communication by breaking down language barriers. The app supports around twenty languages and helps build strong relationships between parents and teachers. The instructors can input texts in English, and the app will translate it for the recipients who will now understand the message and be able to ask questions regarding their kids' performance.

Communication is the Essential Ingredient

When teachers and parents keep each other in a loop, they can discuss the achievements and issues with the children; this interaction fuels the learning process for the kids too. These apps really come in handy to foster great relationships among all. Does your kid’s school uses any of these apps and how is your experience with these apps? Let us know your feedback in the comments section.

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