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Apple revamped its beloved iBooks app with the release of iOS 12 last year with subsequent updates for iOS 13 and iPad OS. The new operating systems offer intriguing functionalities and new apps, including the redesigned version of iBooks that has a power to make your iPad or iPhone a central hub for reading. Whether you enjoy biographies, thriller, or historical fiction, Apple Books will be a cool read for its readers. With the improved app, the iBook store has been retitled as the Book Store.

The new Apple Books app features five tabs - Library, Search, Reading Now, Book Store, and a separate Audiobooks tab. While the new app offers fun and unique features, its sleek new look and improved organization may be confusing for a lot of folks. Whether you want to check out how to get free books on iBooks or wanted to know how to use the Bookstore, don’t worry as we have covered Apple Books for iPhone and iPad in this detailed how-to article.

Downloading a book from the Book Store

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The all-new Apple Book Store features new releases, exclusive collections, and great audiobooks that are organized in different sections for easy iBooks download. The Book Store is integrated directly into the Apple Books and packed with thousands of thousands of titles from different genres. From small presses to large publishers, we are sure that our readers can virtually find anything they want, as it has been arranged in different segments, including Top Charts, Staff Recommendations, Hot/Trending, and suggestions based on your previous history. Let’s find something to read by following these simple steps:

  1. Tap on the Books app on your iPhone screen;
  2. Select the Book Store tab to view the virtual book shelves;
  3. Click on the Sections button to browse various books sections;
  4. Tap on a particular section to see the books;
  5. Click on your selected book to download;
  6. If the book is free, simply tap Get, or Buy if it has a cost. You can also review Sample to download and read a free chapter from the book. Furthermore, the book’s card offers detailed information about the contents;
  7. Once your Apple ID is validated, you can download the book;
  8. Simply select Tap to start reading.

Searching a Book in the Store

If you are searching for free ibooks, the re-designed Book Store makes it easier for you to find any books and audiobooks by using the title. Simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Select Search;
  2. Using the search bar, enter the text;
  3. You can select Search or request Suggestion to get a matching list with the text;
  4. If you find your book, simply Tap it to start the downloading process.

Reading iBooks on iPad or iPhone

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Got your favorite book? Any book saved on your iOS devices can be easily accessed via the Library tab. If you want to continue reading the same book on your device, simply use the Reading Now tab. The same tab can be used to reopen other recent books. The library also offers reading recommendations based on your purchase history. Let us help you with how to read with the app.

  1. Select a Book to open from your library;
  2. Swipe your finger from the left side to the right one on the screen to go to the next page. You can also select the Right Margin to continue reading the next part;
  3. To go back either use Left Margin or swipe from left to right side.

Margin tapping can be changed in the Settings. After you finish reading, simply select the Back button at the upper-left hand corner to return to the library to select another book.

Scanning Through the Book

Flipping between the pages is pretty simple with only one finger.

  1. If you don’t see any controls at the bottom side, simply tap in the middle;
  2. Select and hold the Blue Dot appearing in the scroll bar at the bottom side;
  3. Simply drag to either direction to flip the virtual pages.

Creating a Want to Read Collection

An interesting feature of the new Apple Books app is its wish list, a want to read collection containing suggestions on titles from other people or the ones you want to read. All you unread books are saved in this collection. If you want to add a book in it, here’s how to do it.

  1. Click on Book Store;
  2. Select the Book you want to add;
  3. Click Want to Read. It will be added to the collection.

Setting a Bookmark

Setting a bookmark to go back where you finished reading is very simple.

  1. You can use the controls appearing at the top of the page, if not then tap in the middle of the page;
  2. The blue Bookmark icon will appear at the upper-right hand side, it will turn red once you tap it to save the page. Tapping it again will remove the Bookmark.

Accessing the List of Bookmarks

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  1. To see the list of bookmarks, use the controls at the top of the page or Tap in the Middle of the screen;
  2. A List icon will appear at the upper-left hand side, click Bookmarks.

You will see a list of bookmarks, select a particular one and Tap it. To remove a bookmark, simply swipe left and select Delete. To return to the previous page, click Resume.

Using the Table of Contents

Table of Contents saves the time spent on scrolling the entire book to get to the particular page. Most books on the store have these, and you can access them by following these simple steps.

  1. Either use the control appearing at the top of the screen or tap in the middle to access them;
  2. The List icon appears on the upper-left hand side;
  3. Select Contents. Click on any entry to go to that particular page.

Highlighting a Sentence

The app offers a virtual highlighter in various colors to help you mark important text.

  1. Open a particular book;
  2. Just like you select any sentence or passage on your iPhone or iPad, simply touch and hold the starting word and Drag till the end.

Changing Highlighter’s Color

You can simply change the color by tapping the highlighted text.

  1. Tap the Highlighted text for editing, a menu with Colored Circles will be displayed;
  2. Click on the circles to show a palette of different colors;
  3. Select the Color of your choice.

Selecting the Underlined A button next to the colored circles will remove the highlight and underline the text.

Removing a Highlight

  1. Select/Tap the Highlighted text;
  2. You will see the same menu you used to change the color. Select the Bin button representing Delete.

Adding a Note to Highlighted Text

You can easily add a note to any highlighted text.

  1. Select/Tap the highlighted content;
  2. From the options, select the Note button and write the comment;
  3. Select Done;
  4. You will see a Colored square next to the highlighted text, simply tap it to open and read your comment;
  5. You can also Edit this note.

Reviewing Book Notes

The List button on the top offers handy access to all notes.

  1. Use the controls at the top. If they are not visible, simply tap in the middle of the page;
  2. Click the List icon at the top-left corner;
  3. Tap Notes.

From the list, simply tap it to view any notes. Click Resume to return to your reading.

Removing Book Notes

If you want to delete notes, all you have to do is to:

  1. Open the book and tap the highlighted text containing the note;
  2. Again tap on Delete button to remove the note along with its highlight.

Alternatively, you can delete any note from the list:

  1. Follow the steps mentioned above to access the list of notes;
  2. Simply swipe left on a particular note and tap the Delete.

Searching Text within a Book

It is super easy to find any sentence or passage by entering keywords. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Use the page controls. If you can’t see them, tap in the middle of the page;
  2. Use the Find icon located at the upper right side of the screen and enter any Text in the search bar;
  3. Tap the entry of your choice like page number etc. to find it in the book.

As mentioned earlier, you can search for any page number, you just need to enter and tap it in the search results.

Want to Share a Favorite Tip?

If you have any questions on how to install and read ebooks from the new Apple Books, let us know in the comments section, and we will get back to you soon. It would be great if you can also share other tips with other readers for using this app.

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