How to Get JW Library App for iOS and Android

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JW Library is a mobile application that grants access to hundreds of books, lectures and other educational materials related to the Bible. The Holy Scripture is presented in various interpretations in the app. So you can choose the one you'd like to study and compare it with other versions. Apart from that, there's a bunch of handy features that make Bible study easier.

Downloading JW Library

The app is absolutely free to use. It's available for both major mobile platforms and we'll show you how to download JW Library for the price of $0.

1. Android

For Android users, JW Library app is officially available on Google Play. That means it receives regular updates, fixes as well as new features and improved interface. It's free of charge and here's a short step-by-step instruction:

1) Go to Google Play.

2) Tap the green Download button.

3) Grant permissions if necessary.

4) Wait until the installation is over.

Congratulations! Now you can access various versions of the Bible. Additionally, there's a number of customization features that will make your study/reading process even more comfortable (see Tips & Tricks).

In case you prefer Amazon store, the Android app is also available there.

2. iOS

Apple gadget owners can have the free app as well. Follow these steps to download JW Library to iPad:

1) Go to App Store.

2) Tap the Get button.

3) Put your finger on the Home button to activate Touch ID.

4) Wait until the installation is over.

Just like it's Android counterpart, the iOS app gets updated on a regular basis. Every now and then bugs get exterminated too: a notorious one didn't allow replaying pre-downloaded videos offline.

Updating the Library

You don't really have to worry about how to update JW Library — all the technical upgrades will arrive automatically whenever released by the developer. If you want to update a certain Bible you're studying at the moment, then:

1) Wait until this icon appears next to your Bible:

update button

2) This is the Refresh icon — it means a newer version is available.

3) Tap on Download button to get the Bible update.

In case you think it's too early to refresh the Scripture you are studying at the moment, then tap on the Later button. The update will be skipped, but you can get after you're done the older version of the book.

Tips & Tricks

As you know, the application gives you access to a rich variety of religious study materials. There are brochures, videos, tracts, notes, explanations provided by experts and so forth. However, there are a few power-tricks that could make your Bible time more efficient and fruitful. We've prepared a few JW Library tips for you.

1. Publications

This section helps you better navigate through the cornucopia of study materials.


1) Tap Navigation Drawer.

2) Tap Publications.

3) Select by Type to pick a certain material: Video, Book, etc.

Some of them provide a few extra options: year of publication, commentaries and so on.

2. Language

The app's contents are available in many languages. They can be checked in the Languages section, under Publications. There you will see the complete list of foreign tongues supported. A certain language can be found via the search option — just type its name.

3. What's New?

What's New section displays freshly released publications. They are marked with the tiny cloud icon. Once you obtain a new material, the icon will vanish.

cloud button

4. Text Size

It's not a good thing if you have to strain your eyes while reading. Especially if the reading glasses aren't anywhere near. To solve the issue:

1) Go to Text Settings.

2) Tweak the slider to enlarge/diminish the text size.


Bookmarking allows you to return to a specific text/paragraph/Bible verse later. For a publication, there are up to 10 bookmarks to be made. To do that and resume your reading painlessly:

1) Tap the Bookmarks button.

2) A list of ribbons available for a publication will appear.

3) Select an empty bookmark.

But if it's a specific paragraph you're after, then:

1) Tap the text fragment you need.

2) The context menu will pop up.

3) Select Bookmark.

Managing them is quite easy too. To remove a bookmark for good simply swipe it and then tap Delete. If you'd like to replace it with another one, swipe it and tap Replace. The bookmark will be auto-updated.6. Images

JW Library allows to view images. This can be helpful if you need sheet music of a spiritual anthem. The illustrated Bibles are also a bonus.

7. Other Apps

The app is compatible with other applications too. E.g. you can view its content in Watchtower Online Library via the Open in... function.

Time to Read

JW Library app isn't difficult to master. Just a tiny amount of the first-hand experience is all you need. Download, read, study and analyze various Bible versions. Adjust text, mark interesting passages and do more with JW Library.

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