Games Gone Free: Salt & Pepper, Quantum Galaxy, Rings Linking, Oswald Owl

Games Gone Free: Salt & Pepper, Quantum Galaxy, Rings Linking, Oswald Owl on Marjupi Top Blog

Who doesn’t like fun games? These days you can find an app to play in every genre imaginable, so it all depends on your personal requirements. If you prefer not to spend your money on online entertainment, then you should focus on the games that are either free permanently or temporarily. The apps that we offer here have just become free, and if you like the mentioned games, we recommend you to download them as soon as possible before developers change their minds.

1. Salt & Pepper

This fun little game is extremely addictive, so if you ever find yourself extremely bored, it will certainly save the day. What you have to do to get the best results in the Salt & Pepper app is draw various lines so that the falling salt and pepper grains can get into specific bowls. The application requires you to react quickly and is absolutely perfect for both adults and children. There are more than 320 levels that you can play, so this game will certainly keep you busy for a while. The Salt & Pepper app is intuitive, entertaining, and has great design, so you should definitely check it out. 

2. Quantum Galaxy

Quantum Galaxy is a cool arcade game with incredible graphics and excellent gameplay. All you have to do to steer your spaceship in the right direction while flying is tilt your device. Once you do that, you will be able to avoid numerous bullets flying around you at all times. A cool feature of this app is that you can transform your spaceship in the real-time mode with the help of Stations and Pods, which make the Quantum Galaxy application even more exciting. You can go from the smallest spacecraft to a massive starfighter in just minutes! If you’re a fan of action games, you should not ignore this application.

3. Rings Linking

Rings Linking is a puzzle game, which is similar to a lot of games in its genre. To get the results, you have to combine three or more elements of the same color. Depending on your mood, you can choose to play either the normal mode or the 90s mode. In the normal mode, you have 60 seconds to finish the first level, and when you continue playing you get 60 seconds plus the time that you didn’t use from the previous level. In order to move to the next level, you have to complete all four bars. When it comes to the 90s mode, every level will last for 90 seconds. If you’re a fan of games such as Candy Crush, then Rings Linking is right up your alley.

4. Oswald Owl

Another application that has become free is called Oswald Owl. The game is nothing groundbreaking, but it is still quite fun to play, especially when you’re trying to beat your previous score and set new records. In the app, you play as a cute little owl that jumps from one platform to another collecting Easter eggs. There is no doubt that you will quickly figure out how to play this game and continue getting better results.

Install free games for even more entertainment

Occasionally, developers feel generous and decide to promote their games even more by making them free, which is the perfect time to install them on your device. The apps on the list can be enjoyed by both adults and children as they are quick, exciting, and don’t require any particular skills as you can easily figure out how to play as you go along. Download these awesome applications on your device, and you will always have something to play wherever you feel like it! 


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