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10 Best Bible Apps for Android on Marjupi Top Blog

Bring the content of the Bible into your daily life without much effort. Just download free Bible com app on your smartphone and keep the sacred text within reach all the time. You will be able to read it and make notes, participate in discussions, and share the parts with your friends and family. All of that is possible with these apps.

Whether you are a religious person studying Christian principles, or someone seeking the ageless truth of the Holy Bible, you can address it easily at any moment. You do not have to carry around a book all the time, which could be a bit inconvenient. You know what we mean! It is much better to use smartphone technology for quick and simple access to any part of the text.

We are going to provide you with a list of the most popular and functional applications for smartphones running Android. They are both Bible apps and Bible study apps. There are no restrictions, so choose any title you like.


Audible screenshot

This is an audiobook platform with a nice Bible app companion, which is very convenient to listen to while driving, staying at home, or just walking in the park. It suggests a lot of books read aloud. We like that here you can choose from several editions of the Bible. It can hardly replace your print copy of the Book, but still, it is a worthy addition.

JW Library

JW Library screenshot

JW library was developed for Jehovah’s Witnesses in particular, but it’s still the Bible so that anyone can read and use it in their life. WIth JW Library, you get the Bible translated into over 100 languages. Also, there are various versions of the Book. If you want to study the issue, you can compare several versions applying a special comparison tool. The app is really useful and nice for a thorough Bible Study. Please mind that the rest of its content suits Jehovah’s Witnesses only. If you do not follow this religious school, you can as well skip it. But having a bit more content than you need never was a problem. The app is very popular and has over a million reviews. And, unlike many other Bible apps, you can download JW org Library on all leading stores.

Bible App for Kids

Bible App for Kids screenshot

The name of this app speaks for itself. Designed for kids, it can boast of a simple and clear style and enormous popularity. It invites little readers to start an interactive adventure where they learn more about the events and people described in the Bible. They will admire fun cartoons and smart challenges provided by this app. Offered for free without any premium version this teen bible app is available for any person who has a mobile device with Android.

Daily Bible Verse

Daily Bible Verse screenshot

This app suggests daily Bible verses meaning that every day, you will be shown a new verse to read. Such an attitude will help you to be involved all the time, forget about other activities and spend a couple of hours studying Holy Word. There are the KJV or the NIV versions of the Bible within this app, and you are free to choose from them. It allows you to save your favorites and share them across social media, like Twitter and Facebook. You will get the full package of options in a free basic version. There are no in-app purchases.

HarperCollins Christian Publishing

If you need both Bible apps and Bible study apps, pay your attention to the products of this publisher. It delivers both formats. Here you can consider learning many versions of the Bible, including the NIV, NKJV, KJV, ESV, and NLT versions. It has developed over a dozen Bible apps, and all of them are worth your attention — just choose the most suitable one. By the way, we would recommend the Amplified Bible app with several versions providing helpful abilities like taking notes. And for beginners, there’s an Olive Tree app which contains all basic options needed.

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread screenshot

The app is named after a Christian group founded in the 1930s. They have their own works with thoughts about Christianity and God. They help to understand the Bible and let God into the heart. There is their printed magazine for the faithful, and if you use this application, some articles could also be downloaded to read on your mobile device. The app reminds you to study the Bible, sends daily reading ideas from it, and more. If you prefer modern software, this one may look old school, but still, it runs smoothly and provides you with pleasant user experience.

Bible by Life Church

Bible by Life Church screenshot

This application is suggested by Life Church. We would say that it is very cool and can be considered as one of the best in the market. Here you will be able to choose from 1400 versions translated in a large number of languages. The app is full of various features and allows offline access. As you understand, the Bible will always be available regardless of the Internet connection. Benefit from its features like a Verse of the Day or audio Bible. A huge amount of versions, rich functionality, and free accessibility make this app one of the most influential Bible study products.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts screenshot

This app allows to download and play podcasts made by various churches and ministries within the theme. You can find that content on iTunes or Google Play or just let the app find the best podcast for you. Listen to the sermon at any place you are at the moment and enjoy the smart thoughts and ideas. You will be offered Bible verses, news about current events, and more. It is the best app within its category. If something in this software does not meet your requirements, we suggest you consider Doggcatcher with the same options almost.

The Study Bible

The Study Bible screenshot

It stands out from other Bible study apps as far as it covers the New Testament mostly. Though, you can find the Old Testament if there is a need and various versions of the Bible. It delivers diverse content, including audio with famous Christian personalities answering questions about the Bible and ways to apply it in our everyday life. There are two releases: basic one available for free and a paid full version.

Tecarta Bible

Tecarta Bible screenshot

This app was developed for the faithful. It suggests the KJV version of the Bible without any payments. The texts translated into dozens of languages are available for an additional price.

Hear Hear

We hope you have found the appropriate application from the above list. Please, let us know about your experience and opinion if you try any product. Leave your comments below the article.

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