10 Android Games for Kids to Improve Their Cognitive Skills

10 Android Games for Kids to Improve Their Cognitive Skills on Marjupi Top Blog

Google Play is packed with a number of different apps. Although they are divided into sections, categories, and you can sort them as you wish, it slightly helps you to make a choice, especially if you are looking for something particular, like Android apps for preschoolers. The first place you are likely to look is an Education category. You will be surprised, but there are more than 3000 applications. How to evaluate them? In this blog post, our team collected the list of the best 10 Android apps for your children. Let’s explore them!

Magic Kinder – Free Kids Games

Magic Kinder – Free Kids Games poster

Magic Kinder is a free app designed so that kids could play and learn at the same time. It successfully combines old effective approaches to studying and new cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality. The free Magic Kinder app does not have any subscriptions or annoying ads, allowing preschoolers to focus on the learning process. The app has different sections where the children can practice and develop various skills: World of Fantasy, Kids Room, Watch the video, Draw & Paint, Discover the planet, and Parent. Each of the sections has its plot and tasks. For example, in World of Fantasy, you need to go to an exciting adventure with your baby and bring back the magical characters to their home. Magic Kinder egg games allow you to build a strong connection with your child and develop their skills in a more fun way. 

Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 screen

Toca Kitchen 2 is a sequel to the popular Toca Kitchen game developed by Toca Boca. The game suits most for 6-8 years old children. Here they need to cook sushi and feed the guests that come to a restaurant for dinner. There are no limits on the products. You can cook following the classic sushi recipes or experiment and add something new. In Toca Kitchen 2, the developers added new foods including chicken, pineapple, strawberry, octopus, onion, and so on. Such an approach allows the preschoolers to remember the ingredients and not to be afraid of creating something new and experiment. When they prepared the food, the guests taste it. The children need to watch the reactions and discover the preferences of each guest. As such, kids can learn that different people like different things, and you need to take into account this in adult life. Overall, the game has excellent design and high-quality graphics. 

LEGO® Creator Islands – Build, Play & Explore

LEGO® Creator Islands – Build, Play & Explore screenshot

LEGO® Creator Islands – Build, Play & Explore free is a great app to develop the creativity in the pre-schoolers. It is a fun free-build simulator game that transfers you to different exotic islands. Kids can build whatever they want, starting from the vehicles, such as planes and boats to the buildings. Also, on the islands, children can face different animals and explore the flora. Among other exciting features:

  • Discover and rebuild the islands;
  • Learn about the building nuances and get thrilled of the real building process; 
  • Expand the territory of each island;
  • Complete the various challenging missions.

Also, LEGO® Creator Islands – Build, Play & Explore allows you to save the progress up to three games per device. 

Road Trip – Endless Driver

Road Trip – Endless Driver screenshot

Road Trip – Endless Driver free is a racing game that allows training children's attention. It is designed in pixel graphics with lots of bright and saturated colors. The engaging and addictive gameplay allows the preschoolers to fully immerse in the game and its rules. There are several lines and a lot of different obstacles, such as other vehicles. Your kid needs to avoid all of them and come to the finish line first. As they progress, they unlock new cars and other upgrades. Also, the parents cannot worry that the child will ask for money to buy things, because Road Trip – Endless Driver does not have in-app purchases. The game has excellent animations that amuse most children, such as realistic crashes. Also, there are different building constructions, tunnels, and insertions like in real life. With this title, the children get the initial knowledge about the driving rules and how dangerous not following them could be. 

Smart Kids Puzzles

Smart Kids Puzzles screenshot

Our list of Android games for kids cannot be full without Smart Kids Puzzle game. It is an educational title for toddlers with a number of bright wooden puzzles. At the beginning of each round, the shape of an animal appeared on the screen. The child needs to guess the animal and then drag and drop the given puzzles to full the shape. We recommend parents to play Smart Kids Puzzle with their children. Why? First of all, you can help them with remembering various animals and secondly, you can watch the progress in the visual thinking of your kid.

Please note that the game is not free. You can purchase it on Google Play for about $4. The game received a lot of positive reviews about its visuals quality and gameplay. As for the time of writing, the app has more than 10 000 downloads on Google Play. 

Fox Tales – Kids Story Book: Learn to Read

Fox Tales screenshot

Using the apps below, you can now train the number of useful skills of your child: develop creativity, improve attention, learn fauna and flora, teach to solve the problems, and so on. Now it is time to teach them reading. Fox Tales – Kids Story Book: Learn to Read is exactly what you need for this task. It is an adventure game that suits best for children aged 5 to 12. The game tells an exciting story about the brave foxes and their dangerous adventures. They were chosen as the bravest from the tribe, what they need to find out is the cause of a series of earthquakes on Fox Island. There are 45-pages with hand-made illustrations that tell the child about their journey. 

The app is not free. Besides, the price is not high — only $1.5 on Google Play. 

Lightbot Jr: Coding Puzzles

Lightbot Jr: Coding Puzzles screenshot

Today there is a lot of talks about the importance of involving a child in programming from a very young age. Lightbot Junior was designed for children aged 4-8 and teaches the basics of programming. The app can be played by both girls and boys, and they can choose the character they want to play: Boybot or Girlbot. Children are required to solve different puzzles based on computer science concepts, such as understanding the algorithms, debugging, simple functions, and loops. 

The app is not free. The price is nearly $3 on Google Play. But it is really worth a purchase. Lightbot Junior is one of the most popular apps that teachers around the world choose as the first step to introduce children to programming. 42 levels are available in more than twenty languages. Our recommendation is to use the English interface because the vast majority of materials about programming is in English. 

Sago Mini Robot Party

Sago Mini Robot Party screenshot

Sago Mini Robot Party is another app that allows your child’s creativity to shine bright. Here he needs to mix and match robot parts to make strange combinations. A child can create a robot with two heads or five legs. There are no limits! When a player is ready, they start to play a robot that makes tons of cupcakes every day, dances, and does other things. The game allows taking photos and sharing them with friends. Also, there is no necessity to be connected to the Internet. You can play without 3G or Wi-Fi. 

Kids Piano Games PRO

Kids Piano Games PRO screen

It is very important to improve the kid’s musical skills from childhood. Kids Piano Games PRO helps you to do it. Here you can find an in-built piano and teach the child to play whatever you want. A child, in turn, learns the basics of how to play the piano and how to identify the instrumental sounds. Moreover, a kid can create a song of different musical genres. The app has bright graphics with a lot of cool animations that catch the child’s attention easily. The price of the game is nearly $3 on Google Play.

Solar System with Astro Cat

Solar System with Astro Cat screen

This app is a winner of the 2016 Webby Award Competition in the section of Best App, Family & Kids. It guides the children to learn more about space in a fun manner. You and your child will go the exciting journey with Professor Astro Cat. He’ll tell you about the eclipses, moons, stars, and even spacecraft and space exploration. Although the developers position the app as an educational title for preschoolers, in fact, the information described by Professor Astro Cat can be interesting even for adults. 

What are Your Favorite Android Games for Kids?

There was a list of the most exciting and useful Android games for kids that are aimed to improve and develop different sorts of skills. What is your favorite? Maybe, we’ve missed including it in our blog post? Let’s share in the comments below!

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