Batman Begins Review

Batman Begins (the movie) couldn’t have been better. It had great actors, great dialogue, and a superb story with more depth than the last two Batman movies combined. The game has those same elements, telling the story with silent clips from the film and narration by Bruce Wayne. Fans will love this, especially those who see the movie before playing the game. They’ll also love the polygon characters, who look eerily close to the real thing. “That’s the Caped Crusader,” is the thought that comes to mind when playing other Batman games, whose characters are poorly defined. In this game you’ll look at Batman and say, “That’s Christian Bale.”

Batman Begins hits the nail on the head with top-tier PlayStation 2 effects. The movie sequences are closer to DVD quality than any other PS2 game I’ve played. Virtually every graphic technique we’ve become accustomed to is featured here: excessive (but very good looking) light effects and a cool bat suit with a semi-shiny finish. (Note: It’s not an exact replica of the new bat suit featured in the movie.)

Gameplay: 5.5

Designed for the mainstream audience, Batman Begins is as basic as an action game can get. This might sound crazy, but I found more complexity in the last Tomb Raider! The combos are weak; the missions are repetitive, and the combat system was taken from the Prince of Persia series.

Graphics: 8.0

The one redeeming aspect (sort of). Batman Begins has great effects like windows (the way light shines through them makes a nice yellow glow) and walls (the way the shadows wrap around them). It also has excellent video game versions of the film’s actors. You won’t believe how real they look!

Sound: 6.5

Not the most outstanding comic book soundtrack.

Difficulty: Easy

If Batman Begins was solely a game property, this would likely be the end for the series. The destined movie sequel guarantees that another game will follow. May I request meaningful gameplay that has intelligent objectives and exciting combat?

Concept: 6.5

The attempt at diversity is admirable. The result is anything but.

Overall: 5.9

Great license, great movie, bad game. Batman Begins’s low-budget gameplay doesn’t cut it when the price tag screams big-budget motion picture licensed property. With the price of game rentals skyrocketing, I can’t recommend it as a weekend killer. You’ll beat it before the weekend’s up, and then what? How many times can you watch the same movie clips? You’d be better off going to see the movie a second time.

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